Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Goodbye Alarm Clock

Goodbye Alarm Clock

After about half a year it was obvious my new old fashioned windup alarm clock was not equal in quality to the ones made back in the old days. I accepted the fact that it was off a few minutes every day, nothing terrible about that.

However, it decided it would just stop at random times, and needed a shake to get it going again. I was patient, and gave it a couple weeks to see if it would cure itself. I have given up on it, and now have a replacement alarm clock. I still haven't decided to throw the old alarm clock away or just keep it as a decoration.

The replacement alarm clock is on the right. It is battery operated with a thermometer and automatic night light, though in the picture I pushed the button on the clock to give it the extra boost of light it offers.

I suppose I could have gotten a more expensive and fancier replacement, but this should accomplish what I want an alarm clock to accomplish..

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