Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Goodbye Alarm Clock

Goodbye Alarm Clock

After about half a year it was obvious my new old fashioned windup alarm clock was not equal in quality to the ones made back in the old days. I accepted the fact that it was off a few minutes every day, nothing terrible about that.

However, it decided it would just stop at random times, and needed a shake to get it going again. I was patient, and gave it a couple weeks to see if it would cure itself. I have given up on it, and now have a replacement alarm clock. I still haven't decided to throw the old alarm clock away or just keep it as a decoration.

The replacement alarm clock is on the right. It is battery operated with a thermometer and automatic night light, though in the picture I pushed the button on the clock to give it the extra boost of light it offers.

I suppose I could have gotten a more expensive and fancier replacement, but this should accomplish what I want an alarm clock to accomplish..

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Walking Stick Picture

Walking Stick Picture

19 days after the harvest, and the walking sticks are a tiny bit lighter weight and don't contain as much moisture as the first did. They've been spending their time on the deck, next to the wall in a spot that is shaded almost all day. I brought them into the yard and leaned them against the old apple tree just for this picture.

The weather has not been dry every day, so these sticks have had to put up with rain and humidity on many days. I suppose they would dry quicker in a sheltered location, but I'm retired and in no big hurry.

The peeled walking stick's cracks are getting more obvious, and new cracks are appearing. The bad crack is at the top end, which I planned on removing part of to make it a comfortable length for myself. I'll just have to give it time before I decide whether it is something to work on or something to trash.

I have no idea what variety of wood these are, but they feel and look like they are strong enough to end up as sturdy walking sticks.